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Growth, Defects and Doping of 3C-SiC on Hexagonal Polytypes

a) schematic drawing of Pt/3C-SiC Schottky diode, b) I-V curve of V doped 3C-SiC, c) fitting of dV/d(ln(I)) and d) temperature dependent

solar cell based on the antireflective effect of nc-3c-SiC

We found that the nc-3C-SiC:H emitter can serve both as an emitter and antireflective coating for SHJ solar cell, which enables us to realize the

Waveguides and modulators in 3C-SiC (Article, 2001) [WorldCat

Get this from a library! Waveguides and modulators in 3C-SiC. [Adrian K Kewell; Adrian P Vonsovici; Graham T Reed; Alan G R Evans] -- We have

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RCM, Dec , 2007, FNRC, Uni. Chiang Mai, Thailand Study of

Thailand Study of the formation of ferro-, para- and superpara-— 3C-SiC0.50 1.00 RT 400C RT 300C Y Graphite0.05 0.50 ZnO0.50 1

Growth of 3C-SiC on 150-mm Si(100) substrates by alternating

To lower deposition temperature and reduce thermal mismatch induced stress, heteroepitaxial growth of single-crystalline 3C-SiC on 150 mm Si wafers was

Piezoresistive effect in p-type 3C-SiC at high temperatures

This paper aims to characterize the piezoresistive effect of highly doped p-type 3C-SiC at high temperatures utilizing a new measurement method in which


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Self-Powered Broadband (UV-NIR) Photodetector Based on 3C-SiC

Herein, we report on a selfpowered broadband [UV to near-infrared (NIR)] PD based on a single-crystalline SiC (100)/Si (100) heterojunction. In

Z. Q. Wangs research works | Henan University, Kaifeng and

Z. Q. Wangs 1 research works with 20 citations and 16 reads, including: Local structure and magnetic properties of Mn-doped 3C-SiC nanoparticles Ex


A modified quantum drift-diffusion (QDD) model is developed for non-linear analysis of SiC (4H, 6H and 3C polytypes) pinsemiconductor diodes

(2002) - Isolated oxygen defects in $3C$- and $4H$-SiC: A

Ab initio calculations in the local-density approximation have been carried out in SiC to determine the possible configurations of the isolated


We have observed intense line spectra in the neighborhood of 1.54 μm from erbium‐implanted samples of 4H, 6H, 15R, and 3C SiC. Samples were

(Invited) Growth, Defects and Doping of 3C-SiC on Hexagonal

Technologies for the growth of 3C-SiC with crystalline quality and crystal size similar to hexagonal counterparts (6H- or 4H-SiC) are still at the

First‐Principles Calculations of Impurity States in 3C‐SiC

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of cubic gallium nitride layers grown on 3C-SiC

Joint Raman spectroscopy and HRXRD investigation of cubic gallium nitride layers grown on 3C-SiCJoint Raman spectroscopy and HRXRD investigation of cubic

[email protected]: Calculating the band structure of 3C-SiC using sp

This method shows high accuracy for the evaluation of 3C-SiC band diagram in terms of both the experimental energy levels at high symmetry points and

T. Endos research works | Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Kyudai

T. Endos 2 research works with 49 citations and 5 reads, including: Growth of Si/3C–SiC/Si(100) heterostructures by pulsed supersonic free jets

- The Preparation and Microstructure of Nanocrystal 3C-SiC

Ye, C.; Ran, G.; Zhou, W.; Qu, Y.; Yan, X.; Cheng, Q.; Li, N., 2017: The Preparation and Microstructure of Nanocrystal 3C-SiC/ZrO₂

STM32MP153C - MPU with Arm Dual Cortex-A7 650 MHz, Arm Cortex

M. Luos 3 research works with 18 reads, including: Mechanism of thermal oxidation of 3C-SiC grown on Si Thermal oxidation of 3C-SiC is conducted

Self-interstitials in 3C-SiC - preview related info |

results from density-functional plane-wave pseudopotential calculations for carbon and silicon self-interstitials in cubic silicon carbide (3C-SiC)

of surface and interface structure of AlN/3C-SiC/Ge/Si (

Properties of surface and interface structure of AlN/3C-SiC/Ge/Si (111) heterostructure authors Nader, R; Kazan, M; Zgheib, C; Pezoldt, J; Masri,

Nanomaterials | Free Full-Text | 3C-SiC Nanowires In-Situ

An in-situ, catalyst-free method for synthesizing 3C-SiC ceramic nanowires (SiCNWs) inside carbon–carbon (C/C) composites was successfully achieved

UnitedSiC650V7SiC FET

(SiC) sensing elements on a specifically selected high temperature force In any event, as indicated, these articles teach the formation of 3C

Yoshiki Sakamotos research works | Nagaoka University of

Yoshiki Sakamotos 2 research works with 72 citations and 14 reads, including: MBE growth of 3C·SiC/6·SiC and the electric properties of its p-n

The benefits of 3C-SiC (silicon carbide) in power systems |

2016215-Introducing 3C-SiC devices into power systems addresses the challenges faced in: Photovoltaics, consumer electronics power conversion, UPSs,


2003614-symmetry.and 6H-SiC (0:17 eV) [10] and by theoretical investigations which computed a small valence band offset between 2H and 3C-SiC (0:13

Effective defect diffusion lengths in Ar-ion bombarded 3C-SiC

2016414-Here, we use the recently developed pulsed ion beam method to measure effective defect diffusion lengths in 3C-SiC bombarded in the temperat

Self-Interstitials in 3C-SiC - PDF

Self-Interstitials in 3C-SiC J M Lento, L Torpo, T E M Staab and R M Nieminen COMP/Laboratory of Physics, Helsinki University of Technology, P